Weekly/biweekly Flower Subscription 3/6/12 months


Saffron’s Omakase floral subscription available in monthly form. Please select your start date (*Available starting January 2022 ) and a little about yourself or the person who is receiving it under notes. As we cannot guarantee specific delivery dates and or times, please let us know a general timeline or schedule and if you have a doorman. If there are any allergies or dislikes/things not to include please list them at checkout under notes. If you will be away during some of the time, please let us know so we can make sure to skip/reschedule after your/their return.

**Please note that delivery fees are included in the overall cost after your second delivery. Thus, the farther away the delivery location is from our shops, the smaller the bouquet will be. If you’d like more information about how bouquet volume may be affected by delivery location, or you’d like to add additional delivery fees to ensure that bouquet size is unaffected, please feel free to email us at orders@saffron-brooklyn.com and we will invoice separate delivery fee for each month.

**Please also note that weekly deliveries include 4 installments per month, and biweekly deliveries include 2 installments per month. For example, if one usually receives weekly bouquets on Thursdays, and a given month has 5 Thursdays, one will receive a bouquet only on the first 4 Thursdays of the month.

**We will follow up with all subscription clients to confirm the order and hash out any remaining details after it is placed!

**If you are interested in a custom budget please feel free to email us directly orders@saffron-brooklyn.com.

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